Auto Eyes - Temporary Headlight Auto Eyes - Temporary Headlight Auto Eyes - Temporary Headlight
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Designed for the front of your vehicle to help you be seen and feel safe.

Reduces the danger of driving at night with only one headlight.

Easy-to-use, proven product that reflects light from other vehicles instantly.

Approved by the Department of Transportation
( D.O.T ).
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How do they work?

Outside use: Place Auto Eyes™ horizontally on a clean, dry, smooth surface where your headlight has gone out. This will help to balance the light from your working headlight and allow other drivers to judge your vehicle's size, location, speed and distance. Apply at 10°C (50°F) or higher.

Inside use: Place Auto Eyes™ on a clean, dry area of the windshield on the side where your headlight has gone out (details inside). Used in cooperation with the working headlight, it will help to light up your vehicle's Safety Zone.
Auto Eyes positioning

Auto Eyes - Inside application
No Wires  No Batteries Just peel and stick... In Drive or Park we shine in the Dark.
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