Auto Eyes - Temporary Headlight Auto Eyes - Temporary Headlight Auto Eyes - Temporary Headlight
Auto Eyes™ Temporary Headlight
outside your vehicle

A car with only one working headlight and one Autoeyes Temporary Headlight This is an example of a vehicle with one working headlight (on the right) and one Auto Eyes™ Temporary Headlight (on the left). Working together they show other drivers:

1) The size of your vehicle
2) The speed you are traveling at
3) The location of your vehicle on the road
4) The distance between your vehicle and theirs

This is very important as it can help the brain to determine if you have enough time to turn left across their path, or go through an area that is tight for two vehicles to pass, should you stop or proceed.

After removing your Auto Eyes™ Temporary Headlight you might find a little glue or paper still attached to your vehicle, this can be removed with Hot water and a sponge.
No Wires  No Batteries Just peel and stick... In Drive or Park we shine in the Dark.
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